Nazarat taleem

Nazarat Taleem (Directorate of Education) is a non-profit entity, a department of Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya (Central Ahmadiyya council) Rabwah. Established in 1919 Nazarat Taleem is currently operating eleven (11) schools and two (2) colleges in Rabwah city & eighteen (22) Schools in other rural parts of Pakistan.

Currently we have a headcount of 784 teachers, imparting quality education to 9500 primary, secondary, intermediate, bachelors and master’s degree students.

Being a charitable organization Nazarat taleem is operating in the financially constrained segment and is actively involved in promoting & subsidizing education in Pakistan and is also providing merit based scholarships and stipends to deserving students

Nazarat Taleem is promoting & fostering the faculties of Science and Research in both teachers & the students through establishing Abdus Salam Research forum.

Abdus Salam Research Forum provides platform for teaching faculty and students of different education institutes of Nazarat Taleem to collaborate on different research activities. Currently this forum is supporting various research projects in the domain of Environment, Community Medicine, Biophysics, Alternative Energy, Biostatics and Genetic Engineering

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Upcoming Events

Masters in Fine Arts “Painting” will start soon at NJC.
Annual Festival Nusrat Jahan Boys College Rabwah will held on 3rd,4rth & 5th February 2019.

News & Events

A Seminar on “Preservation of Ozone Layer” & “Global warming & sea level rise” successfully held on September 16, 2018. Mr. Syed Muddassir Ahmad & Dr. Syed Naeem Ahmad were the Presenter of this seminar.
A seminar on “Remembering Kashmir Earthquake” successfully held on October 08, 2018.
6th Science & Art Exhibition Maryam Siddiqa Higher Secondary School held on 12-13 January 2019.
A seminar on World War 1 successfully held on November 17, 2018 at Nusrat Jahan College.
Nazarat Taleem invites Male applicants for teaching Urdu, English, Social Studies, Science and Biology at Secondary School Level.
The Minimum Education Requirement is BSc, BS and MSc in the relevant subject. Fresh university graduates can also apply.
Science and Art exhibition of Nasir Higher Secondary School successfully held on January 8-10, 2019.
A symposium on “Indus Water Treaty” successfully held on June 24, 2018. Mr. Hamid Jalal & Mr. Shaikh Sultan Ahmad from Islamabad was the presenters of the seminar……. After the seminar an interesting session of Questions & Answers was held.
Nazarat Taleem organized Career Planning Seminar at Model Town
Lahore on 13th January 2019.
181 Participated.
Carnival & Winter Funfair of Bayoutul Hamd Primary School successfully held on December 16-17, 2018.
Student counseling seminars by @NazaratTaleem at Mirpurkhas, Hyderabad, Mithi, Dano Dadal & Nagarparker. Enthusiastic participation from the youth. “Every Ahmadi student must aspire towards Doctorate or Specialization”. Total student participation : 641. #educate #future #youth
Historical and cultural exhibition of Maryam Girls Higher Secondary School held on January 14-15, 2019
A lecture on ” Foundation & Establishment of Rabwah ” successfully delivered by Mr Asfand yar Muneeb (Incharge Tareekh e Ahmadiyat) at Nusrat Jahan Academy Boys High School on Sep 20, 2018. 220 Students attended this lecture.
An Enlightening workshop on the topic of Lesson Planning by Dr. Afshan Huma from Islamabad with 9-12 grade teachers of NTSS successfully held on May 12, 2018. Which covered the Learning Theories, working on learning outcomes and Planning of individual and group activities.
Carnival of Institute for Special Education Rabwah successfully held on Oct 27-28, 2018.
Lecture on “Incidents of Muharram” by Mr Ehsan Ullah Cheema(Naib Sadar Amumi) successfully held on September 13, 2018 at Nusrat Jahan Academy Boys. 201 students attended.
A Seminar on the ” Fiscal system of Ahmadiyya Jamaat” successfully held at Nusrat Jahan College Boys.
A Lecture by Mr Talha Basheer(Naib Nazir Bait ul Maal Kharch).
146 students attended.
A symposium on “National Water Policy of Pakistan, Review & Analysis” successfully held on December 22, 2018.
Interactive workshops on Leadership, Team Building & Effectiveness and Conflict Resolution were held at Nusrat Jahan College Rabwah from 02-05-2018 to 08-05-2018.
These were conducted by Miss Tahira Ahmad Khan, an expert trainer from Johnson & Johnson’s USA.
A seminar on “importance of Blood Donation” held at Nusrat Jahan College Boys on September 18, 2018.
26 students & 2 Teachers Donated Blood.
Motivational Lecture on “Team work & coordination among staff members” by Dr Masood ul Hassan Noori sahib held at Maryam Girls Higher Secondary School on September 09, 2018.
102 in Teaching staff & 23 in Non Teaching Staff attended.
Congratulations!! Students of Nazarat Taleem School System, Rabwah Achieved Excellence in AKUEB. Click here
A Literary Festival successfully held on October 11, 2018 at Nusrat Jahan College Rabwah.
“Pakistan Independence Day” celebration programs of Nusrat Jahan College Boys Rabwah successfully held on August 13-14, 2018.