Nazarat taleem
Abdus Salam Research Forum

This forum is named after late Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam of Pakistan. This research forum provides platform for teaching faculty and students of different education institutes of Nazarat Taleem to collaborate for different research activities. Its mission is to facilitate research by arranging workshops, conferences and funding for projects. Currently this forum is supporting various research projects in the domain of Environment, Community Medicine, Biophysics, Alternative Energy, Biostatics and Genetic Engineering .

Currently following projects are under progress through this forum:

1. Statistical analysis of platelet indices in patients of vivax Malaria.(Collaborative project with pediatric section of Fazal-e-Omar Hospital Rabwah)

2. Spectral decomposition of EEG signals for improved interpretation of EEG signals of epilepsy patients.(Collaborative project with pediatric section of Fazal-e-Omar Hospital Rabwah)

3. Exploring drosophila fauna of Pakistan.

4. Study of antimicrobial potential of indigenous medicinal herbs.

5. White blood cells count and its relationship with mortality on the cases of neonatal sepsis: Statistical perspective.(Collaborative project with pediatric section of Fazal-e-Omar Hospital Rabwah)

6. Water quality analysis of subsurface aquifers using resistivity method in Kirana hills area, Pakistan.

7. Forecasting malaria and dengue using climate data in central Punjab, Pakistan.

8. Role of online courses for teachers training. 

9.GIS mapping of water contamination and water-related diseases in Rabwah, District Chiniot.

10. Is Negative Dark Energy a Quantum Effect?

11. Calculating the probability of the cosmological constant  becoming negative in causet cosmology.

12. Cosmology with fluctuating dark energy — comparison with Supernovae.

13. A look beyond the Baire Category Theorem.

14. A study of subcompactness of Cech-Complete spaces.

15. A further study of the comparison between SN1a data and causet cosmology.