Nazarat taleem
Application Forms

1- Merit Based Scholarships Application Form

Annual Scholarship Awards given by Nazarat Taleem to high achievers in different categories.

2- Imdad Talba Application Form

Need based scholarships for those students who cannot afford their education.

3- Haqooq Talba Application Form

High achievers who cannot afford their further education should fill out this form to get help for the continuity of their education.

4- Application Form Centenary Jubilee Medals

Medals given to positions holders in different Board/University exams by Hadhrat Khalifatul Massih ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ.

5- Application for Co-Education

Ahmadi female students getting admissions in Co-Educational Institutes are supposed to get permission by submitting this form in Nazarat Taleem.

6- Drop Out Form

Secretary Taleem is supposed to inform Nazarat Taleem about students leaving their education before time by filling this form on regular basis.

7- List of Students

Secretary Taleem is supposed to update Nazarat Taleem regarding student pursuing their education by filling this form.

8- Qarz Hasana(Loan) Application Form for foreign studies

9- Qarz Hasna(Loan) Application Form for Pakistan

10- Stamp Paper Sample for Qarz Hasna Pakistan

11- Admission Form Madrasa Tul Hifz

12- Job Application Form

13-Admission Form Darul Hamd Hostel Lahore