Nazarat taleem

Nazarat Taleem (Directorate of Education) was created in 1919 as a department of education for Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya. However, the Ahmadiyya Community has been active in the field of education from as early as 1905. The directorate in Qadian, India ran various education institutions. After wards, it established a number of schools and colleges in various parts of Pakistan.

Currently, Nazarat Taleem is operating 11 school and 2 colleges in Rabwah (the headquarter of the Ahmadiyya Community) and 22 schools in other parts of Pakistan.

Being a charitable organization, Nazarat Taleem is actively involved in providing Need-based and Merit-based scholarships and stipends to  deserving students, studying not only in the institutes of Nazarat Taleem but also in various other schools, colleges and Universities across Pakistan.