Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls School

Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls School was founded in 1987.  It was the first English- medium high school in Rabwah. In 1989, the Nusrat Jahan Academy was divided into two sections: The Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls Section (now The Nusrat Jahan Academy Girls School), and the Nusrat Jehan Academy Boys Section The school which started with only two elementary classes and with meager resources soon flourished in leaps and bounds offering students matriculation as well as O’ Level courses.

While affiliated with the Faisalabad Board, the school excelled in the field of education, distinguishing itself through magnificent performances in different competitions and by attaining 100% results.  The students won competitions not only on a district and provincial level but also on national level. By the grace of Allah, the school was awarded trophies by the district association for the best performance in 2009 – 2010 and in 2010 – 2011. Now affiliated with the Aga Khan Examination Board, the institution is determined to succeed further in all areas of education. It has 153 teaching and non-teaching staff and 1568 students.


Tel: +92476214012