About Us

About Us

Welcome to Nazarat Taleem

About Us


Nazarat Taleem aims to provide quality education through the establishment of its educational institutions and by granting scholarships and arranging loans for deserving students to study within pakistan and abroad.

About Us

Nazarat Taleem (Directorate of Education) is a non-profit entity, a department of Sadar Anjuman Ahmadiyya (Central Ahmadiyya council) Rabwah. Established in 1919 Nazarat Taleem is currently operating eleven (11) schools and two (2) colleges in Rabwah city & eighteen (22) Schools in other rural parts of Pakistan.Currently we have a headcount of 784 teachers, imparting quality education to 9500 primary, secondary, intermediate, bachelors and master’s degree students.

Being a charitable organization Nazarat taleem is operating in the financially constrained segment and is actively involved in promoting & subsidizing education in Pakistan and is also providing merit based scholarships and stipends to deserving students

Nazarat Taleem is promoting & fostering the faculties of Science and Research in both teachers & the students through establishing Abdus Salam Research forum.

Abdus Salam Research Forum provides platform for teaching faculty and students of different education institutes of Nazarat Taleem to collaborate on different research activities. Currently this forum is supporting various research projects in the domain of Environment, Community Medicine, Biophysics, Alternative Energy, Biostatics and Genetic Engineering.”



Nazarat Taleem will be world leading in teaching, counseling to students and advancement of research specifically for Ahmadi students and generally for other students.
We want to be leader in educating/guiding professionals capable of improving the living and moral standards of the society.




Enable deserving students to pursue education within country and abroad by providing scholarships and loans.
Career counseling of the students.
Uplift of educational standard within the country through our institutional excellence.
Encourage outstanding students by awarding achievement awards.